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New to eventing - or looking for more info? Check out the Stewart Sporthorses Intro to Eventing Handbook HERE

In 2021, we founded the Explore Eventing Series, an unsanctioned competition series focused on helping newcomers learn and compete in a fun, safe environment. In 2022,Explore Eventing has shifted focus. We aim to create and promote learning opportunities, organize unsanctioned competitions, and help support sanctioned eventing competitions in NB. That means there are more grassroots initiatives than ever this year in our eventing community including sanctioned competitions, clinics, and possibly a few Explore Eventing competitions sprinkled in for fun.

Brae Fearann Eventing & Equestrian Centre, largest XC course in the province offering lessons, clinics, and sanctioned shows:

Hampton Riding Centre, host of EE shows and XC clinics:

Southden Farm, hosts private and group EE workshops on demand - contact for info:

HTNB is offering a clinic series for horses and riders at Starter - Training+ levels! Find details at

Most eventing activities in NB require a NBEA membership and  Horse Trials New Brunswick membership - or comparable memberships from other provinces. Sanctioned events also require an Equestrian Canada Sport License (memberhsip).

If you have ANY questions about eventing, how to get started, where to learn, anything at all - let us help!! Contact us at



14 - HTNB Clinic Series at Foshay South Eventing, Hampton, NB

15 - Foshay CT, Hampton, NB

28 - Brae Fearann XC clinic, Harvey, NB

21-22 - Dressage NB

29 - Explore Eventing CT, Hampton Riding Centre


5 - Foshay CT, Jemseg, NB

25-26 - Explore Eventing XC Clinic, Hampton Riding Centre


9 - HTNB Clinic Series at Peekaboo Corner, Norton, NB

9-10 - Dressage NB

23-24 - Explore Eventing XC Clinic, Hampton Riding Centre

24 - Foshay CT, Jemsey, NB

30 - Brae Fearann Combined Derby, Harvey, NB


7 - Foshay Combined Derby, Jemseg, NB

14 - HTNB Clinic Series at Foshay International  Site, Jemseg, NB

13-14 - Dressage NB

20-21 - Explore Eventing XC Clinic, Hampton Riding Centre


4 - Foshay HT, Jemseg, NB

10 - HTNB Clinic Series at Brae Fearann, Harvey, NB

17-18 - Dressage NB

24-25 - HTPEI Horse Trial


1-2 - Explore Eventing XC Clinic, Hampton Riding Centre

1-2 - Carleton County Classic, Woodstock, NB (hunter/jumper)

9 - Foshay HT, Jemseg, NB

**Keep an eye out for various fun Halloween events!

NOTE: this is a working calendar and may change


Training/clinic opportunities

Explore Eventing

Unsanctioned events - for learning, fun, and light competition!

EC Sanctioned Competitions

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